The Halfcab sideboard is not only a revolution of sideboards, it also claims a certain standard to the home in where it resides. Halfcab enhances and enlivens design and tasteful interior. The sideboard will highlight plants, handicrafts and books. It is effortless to combine, play and explore new colours. So if you are courageous, have style awareness and want exquisite quality, Halfcab will suit you perfectly.


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Designer | MSDS Studio

MSDS Studio produces design which engages modern culture while still following the core principles of great design and the legacy of the craftsmanship. This interdisciplinary approach showcases the innovation that characterizes their practice. MSDS believes, that the internal space should function as a stimulating, yet intimate interface between person and building. MSDS remains closely involved in all phases of a project’s development, and they embrace the collaboration, that leads to a job well done. Through prototypes and small quantity production, MSDS has developed a unique ability to cooperate with craftsmen as well as manufacturers.

Wood Frame -  

Doors Lacquered Aluminium - 


Width / 182,9 cm

Depth / 43,8 cm

Hight / 73,7 cm



@Tirpiz Museum