Bruunmunch Designers


Poul M. Volther

In 2015 Bruunmunch relaunched the Poul M Volther “J111” chair. With its classic expression, comfortable fit and timeless quality, it offers you a dining chair to last for generations. The J111 is available in three types of oil treated oak or in black lacquered beech. This is the chair worthy to enter and compete against the classics of your neighbour’s house. J111 exhibits modernity in both its expression and history.

Product : J111

Claus Simonsen Portrait.jpg

Claus C. Simonsen

Is an licensed Architect from School of Architecture in Aarhus and has, for several years, designed buildings, in all scales, both in Denmark and abroad, mostly for Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen. He has however always been intrigued by furniture design and by establishing Generous Design he realised that potential. Claus C. Simonsen has designed furniture for brands such as; Normann Copenhagen, Softline and Eilersen and lamps for Frandsen Lighting.

Product : PLAYswing / PLAYtupe / PLAYwood / PLAYbar

Product : Link

Product : STONEupcycle

Product : SPIDERstool

Mika Tolvanen Portrait.jpg

Mika Tolvanen

Is a Finnish product designer
who started his own practice
after graduating from Royal College of Art in 2001. He received the prestigious Bruno Mathsson Prize in 2012 and works for a number
of international clients. In 2015,
he founded Studio Tolvanen with his wife Julie Tolvanen.
They share a studio and workshop at a former bakery in the Töölö neighborhood of central Helsinki.

Product : Emo

Marte Frøystad Portrait.jpg

Marte Frøystad

Marte Frøystad (1980) is a Norwegian designer working within the fields of furniture, objects and architecture.Her aim is to create long lasting objects and spaces with the right values, which replace or fulfills its need. She has a passion for simplicity and the pureness of the materials and function. Marte Frøystad holds a Master in Design - Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is a member of the Norwegian design collaborative Klubben.

Product : Tosom

Peter Barreth Portrait.jpg

Peter Barreth

Peter Barreth is a furniture & product designer based in Aarhus, Denmark. As a third generation upholsterer, Peter knows how to work with furniture. His work seeks to create honest and considered object for the home and office environments. His style is clean and uncompromising and strongly rooted in traditional techniques and craftsmanship influenced by the strong danish design decade - the 1960’s.

Product : Pump

Product : Reason



MSDS Studio produces design which engages modern culture while still following the core principles of great design and the legacy of the crafts- manship. This interdisciplinary approach show- cases the innovation that characterizes their practice. MSDS believes, that the internal space should function as a stimulating, yet intimate interface between person and building. MSDS remains closely involved in all phases of a project’s development, and they embrace the collaboration, that leads to a job well done. Through prototypes and small quantity production, MSDS has developed a unique ability to cooperate with craftsmen as well as manufacturers.

Product : Halfcab

Lund & Paarmann Portrait.jpg

Olof Lund & Eva Paarmann

The danish designers Olof Lund and Eva Paarmann have designed the Lobster and Shelley chairs.

Lobster and Shelley are promising proposals for the classic lounge chair of the future. They are beautiful, extraordinarily comfortable, and when it comes to materials and craftsmanship – only the best is good enough.

Product : Lobster

Henrik Bruun & Jacob Munch


We collaborate with the masters from the past while also seeking out new talent, to define the Bruunmunch collection. It is very important to us that we strike a balance between the innovative ideas of today, while maintaining our core identity and heritage vision.

Products : PLAYdinner / PLAYdinner round

Products : PLAYround / PLAYorganic / PLAYtrioval / PLAYrectangular