Hand Made in Denmark 


Denmark is where all the Bruunmunch furniture is made. Our employees have years of experience working with wood. The Danish hands, which persistently work the wood use old forms of traditional Danish craftsmanship.

Meticulous quality and pride go into each of our pieces. It is important to jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun that their designs are manufactured in Denmark with traditions and values. All products are marked and numbered with an individual stainless steel badge. 


Founded in 2008 by the two childhood friends Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun. Their pursuit for perfection was failing to be met when it came to furniture so they decided to make their own, and form a company with an uncompromising approach to design and quality.

Bruunmunch has developed dramatically from the early days. But the processes within production has not changed since the first piece of furniture was created by the two owners from Esbjerg.