Reason is the reinterpretation of the upmost exclusive icons of the 1950’s and their popular designs. Comfort combined with visually impression will imprint on you with this piece of furniture. Reason has been designed to satisfy your senses as well as providing a setting for relaxation, even without your awareness. Reason comes in numerous variations, all with visible frame and legs in oak.

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Designer | Peter Barreth

Peter Barreth is a furniture & product designer based in Aarhus, Denmark. As a third generation upholsterer, Peter knows how to work with furniture. His work seeks to create honest and considered objects for the home and office environments. His style is clean and uncompromising and strongly rooted in traditional techniques and craftsmanship influenced by the strong danish design decade - the 1960’s.

Kvadrat Upholstery Fabric

At Bruunmunch Furniture we recommend the leading fabric supplier Kvadrat. Kvadrat has deep roots in Scandinavia’s design tradition and their products reflect their commitment to colour, quality, simplicity and innovation. Kvadrat consistently push the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of textiles.

Sørensen Upholstery Leather

At bruunmunch Furniture we recommend the Danish leading leather supplier Sørensen Leather. Sørensen Leather is a family owned business driven by the second generation of Sørensens at the strategic helm. The company was established by Arne Sørensen in 1973, who built the business from our HQ in Denmark based on his access to the highest quality and most sought-after leather.


2  seater -

W: 208 / 160 cm

D: 96 / 68 cm

H: 68 / 39 cm

2.5 seater sofa - 

W: 248 / 200 cm

D: 96 / 68 cm

H: 68 / 39 cm

2 seater sofa with chaiselong left or right - 

W: 288 / 240 cm

D: 134 / 106 cm

H: 68 / 39 cm

Seat: A plywood frame in combination with the seat frames in solid pine wood – fitted with No-Sag steel springs. Overall padded with 40 kg fire retardant Eco-Tex cold cured foam and cushions composed from two qualities of foam to produce a soft and durable cushion.

Arms and back: The arms and back are wrapped in thick cold cured foam, completed with a layer of fiber padding sewn into the fabric.

Legs: Finished with a strong frame and legs in oiled oak.



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