Coffee Table STONEupcycle

Coffee Table STONEupcycle



On a visit to our supplier together with designer Claus Simonsen, Jacob Munch noticed the surplus materials from the production of kitchen tabletops. Claus and Jacob put their thinking caps on trying to create something out of the surplus materials. A year and a half and many speculations later, the coffee table STONEupcycle was a reality. 

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Designer | Bruunmunch & Claus C. Simonsen

Claus C. Simonsen Is an licensed Architect from School of Architecture in Aarhus and has, for several years, designed buildings, in all scales, both in Denmark and abroad, mostly for Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen. He has however always been intrigued by furniture design and by establishing Generous Design he realised that potential. Claus C. Simonsen has designed furniture for brands such as; Normann Copenhagen, Softline and Eilersen and lamps for Frandsen Lighting.

Bruunmunch & Simonsen- In 2014 Simonsen started his cooperation with Bruunmunch to create new products under the name Bruunmunch and Simonsen, PLAY chair and LinK table are the first results of this fruitful cooperation. 

STONEupcycle comes with a frame in black powder coating and three different tops in upcycled stone: Marble, Ceramics, and Granite.

Stone Top Plate - 


Sizes 43 x 43 height 38cm & 50cm

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Our stones

Our stone manufacturer is located in Vejle and is one of the oldest companies in the city. With roots dating back to 1867 they know what it is all about. Quality, precision and love for the material.



At Bruunmunch we are proud of STONEupcycle. We are proud of taking responsibility for nature and of contributing to reduce waste at the same time as offering aesthetic and unique furniture in a wide range of quality stones at extremely competitive prices.



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