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Black Extension Plate - PLAYdinner Lamé


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Black clear lacquer extension plates for PLAYdinner Lamé

Our PLAYdinner Lamé dining table in solid oak comes with an extraction mechanism. The table can hold 2 extension plates, which easily can be added -extending the table to a total of 280 cm. and seating up to 10 people. 

Normally we sell PLAYdinner Lamé with extension plates in solid oak, but we also offer these black plates as a less expensive solution if you normally set your table with a tablecloth. 

Extension Plates Specifications:

Black clear lacquer plates. Chose between a natural oil or smoked oak frame.

Length: 105 cm. Width: 50 cm. Material: Black lacquered MDF plate

The plates fit with PLAYdinner Lamé

PLAYdinner Lamé L 180 with possible extension of 2 additional plates.

Top plate: Solid oak with natural oil polished by hand.

Legs: Turned wood, treatments as top plate.

Length: 180 cm. 

Length w/ one extension plate: 230 cm.

Lenght w/ two extension plates: 280 cm. 

Width: 105 cm. Height: 73 cm. Material: Solid Oak w/ natural oil. 


Designer | Jacob Munch & Henrik Bruun 

PLAYdinner is the dining table from where there will be laughter, delicious food and memories will be made. Soft curves, robust materials and super Danish craftsmanship ensures the dining table to become more beautiful over time in sync with the soul of the family. The table can fit a simple dinner for two as well as large dinner parties. Extends with up to two additional extraction plates.