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Sample Re-Wool 218


Textile Sample

Are you in doubt about which color to choose for your furniture?

Then order the textile samples you want and get a small taste of what color your furniture should have.


Crafted using 45% recycled wool, Re-wool is a rich upholstery textile with a sustainable profile. The textile is partly made by reusing scraps from Kvadrat’s yarn spinners in the UK. It is designed by Margrethe Odgaard.     

‘The idea was to create a both honest and environmentally friendly – textile with a poetic feel by recycling leftover material from Kvadrat’s own production’, explains Margrethe Odgaard.

Reminiscent of colourful stitchings on a darker background, Re-wool features exceptional depth of colour, creating a dynamic play on the textile’s surface when applied to furniture.

Design: Margrethe Odgaard
Composition: 45% recycled wool 45% new wool, worsted 10% nylon
Abrasion: Approx. 100.000 Martindale rubs, EN ISO 12947
Pilling: Note 4, EN ISO 12945
Lightfastness: Note 5-7 ISO 105-B02

Benefits of wool:

Wool is a renewable resource 

Wool is very comfortable because of its ability to absorb/ give off humidity 

Wool is flame retardant 

Wool is biodegradable

Wool is naturally soil resistant 

Wool ages with grace 

Environmental benefits:

Recycled content

EU Ecolabel compliant

No content of PFCs or ‘PFAS’

REACH compliant

Californian Proposition 65 list compliant

LBC Red list compliant

Healthier Hospitals compliant

Green building certificates: 

Greenguard Gold: Low chemical emission 

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD):

Based on a LCA following EN 15804 and follow the standard of ISO 14040 

Health Product Declaration (HPD): Declaring textile content and substance

We reimburse the cost

Of course, we reimburse the cost of buying samples when you buy a piece of furniture from us. Just make us aware of it in the comments section associated with your purchase.


Vacuum clean frequently, ideally every week. Remove stains as soon as they occur, with clean warm water or sparkling water. Extraction clean when necessary. Extraction cleaning might dissolve water-based glue. Pay attention to temperature and amount of cleaning fluid.