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STORYby - 150/50/44 - Marble Piet Grey


Dimensions L x W x H

In Denmark, STORYby is sold exclusively at Ingvard Christensen in Esbjerg, Vejle, Århus, Odense & Lyngby.


Designer | Bruunmunch & Claus C. Simonsen 

STORYby is a minimalistic and elegant coffee table. The great length of the table and innovative shelf make this coffee table very practical yet beautiful. The light powder-coated steel frame and the heavy Piet Gray marble stone top flow together for a light expression and design. The shelf is made of core leather from Sørensen Leather which is cross laced with a sail cord underneath. If you want a narrow long coffee table in exclusive materials, the STORYby coffee table is for you.


Frame in black powder coating steel and shelf in core leather from Sorensen Leather 

Length: 150 cm. Width: 50 cm.  Height: 44 cm.

Top plate: Piet Grey marble polished by hand. 

Legs: Black powder coating.

Sørensen Upholstery Leather

At bruunmunch Furniture we recommend the Danish leading leather supplier Sørensen Leather. Sørensen Leather is a family owned business driven by the second generation of Sørensens at the strategic helm. The company was established by Arne Sørensen in 1973, who built the business from our HQ in Denmark based on his access to the highest quality and most sought-after leather.